Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Morning Thought

So, I just read an interesting tale.  It made me sit back and ponder about some of the things that were said.  The story went on about how a young lady lost her father suddenly.  He hadn't been sick but went peacefully in his sleep.  Why?  He wasn't elderly and sick.  It was a traumatic accident.  Then there are people who are sick and God has them waiting to join him.  Some might suffer wondering when He is going to call them.  There are young children that are suddenly taken from us too.  We, as humans have no say so when it will be our time to move on to our next journey. 

Perhaps, I am pondering this because the opposite of Death is Life.  As I wake up on the 1st day of my 41st week of being pregnant, I am realizing once again, we don't have a say so when it will be our time to join the Earth.  We just have to be patient and trust the Lord knows why he is setting things up the way they are happening.  Some babies are born early and others come after the date science has given us as a "Due Date".

Just a short little thought on an early Saturday Morning...

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